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Okay, so this won't likely be a Nail of the Day - I don't do my nails THAT often.  This is actually very strange. I bit my nails for years.  Decades, actually.  Down to the quick.  I have finally managed to stop (for the most part!), and have even become a Jamberry Nail Rep.
However, this first post will not be about Jamberry.  I am also a member of Influenster, a great site that promotes feedback for all sorts of products.  One of the rewards for being a member of Influenster is that from time to time, you will be asked to do product reviews.   Ladies and gentlemen, I have been asked to do my first product review.
I have been sent some samples of imPress nails from Broadway nails   Stay tuned while I make my first foray into product testing and reviewing!!

So I was sent a VoxBox from Influenster, containing imPress Nails by Broadway nails (impressmanicure.com).

All that is required is that I try them out, and give a review.

I received 2 styles, Media Darling and TGIF.  I tried the Media Darling (the pink ones). 
I had already opened the container for the Media Darling, so I am showing both,  The packaging is really cute.

Per the instructions, they should last up to a week.  They come with 24 different nails, 2 of 12 different sizes.  There is a small clear tab at the bottom of each nail, and by peeling back the tab, you expose the adhesive.

The nails are straight forward to apply, Start by measuring the nails against your own nails to pick the right size.  The instructions suggest going a little smaller than your actual nail if you can't decide between 2 sizes.  I suspect that they would not adhere too well if they are partially secured to your skin.

All spilled out

Lined up ready to go
Next clean your nail with the cleaning towelette provided (smelled like rubbing alcohol).  Peel off the tab, expose the adhesive, press firmly on to your nail.   Do your thumbs last. That's it, that's all.

They were so easy to apply, and secured really well.   As I went about my day, there was no sense that they were loose, or about to come off.  They felt really secure.

I should say that about 2 minutes after I had applied them, one thumb nail did fall off, but when I had applied that nail, then went to peel off the next one (for the other hand), I felt the nail I was holding sort of wedge under the thumb nail, so I chalked that up to there being some interference, thus "user error", not product error.  I just picked another size, and reapplied - no issues after that.


 They adhered really quickly, and really well.  Also really quickly.  My pinky went on a little wonky, and I wasn't able to reposition it. 
A little wonky

 I put them on Sunday morning, had them on all day Sunday, all day Monday, and most of Tuesday.  I got a lot of compliments on my nails.  The colour was great, and they help up well during a trip to the park with my niece and nephew, cleaning the bathroom, dishes, and my job which is basically typing all day.

Now, I am a reformed nail biter, and I do still sort of chew on my nails. Part way through Tuesday, I realized that the baby finger nail felt a little "soft".  I chalk it up to my chewing on it.  It was bugging me, so I started taking the nails off.  To take the nails off, the instructions suggested 2 methods, one using nail polish remover, and the other not.  As I was at work, I went with the second method.  All you have to do is  break the seal around the nail, wait a minute or so, then they just pop off.  It took no time at all, it was easy to break the seal, and there was no residue left on my nail.
I would definitely buy the imPress Press on nails.  The have a great range of colours, patterns and styles.  There is no dry time, and it took no time or mess to apply or to remove.  I think they would be especially great for people who cannot have long or fancy nails for their day to day life (work dictated, or just personal preference) but have a special event and would like to have nails to match.

* Easy to apply, especially that tricky right hand (or left hand, if you are left handed)
* No dry time needed, no chipping or peeling
* Solid application
* Nice variety of colours and patterns
* Easy to remove, with no damage to the nail

* Not able to adjust the sizes if they don't quite match your nail
* Not able to trim if the nails were too long (I got nails from the "extended length series"
* Not able to readjust

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

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