Sunday, September 16, 2012

Life lessons through cards

Patience and ingenuity are two things that I am learning through making my cards.  This is another anniversary card I made for my other sister-in-law.  The peacock image is from the Art Deco cartridge again.  Same thing - it makes a very pretty image.  Do you ever buy a block of patterned paper for 1 sheet, and wonder what you will do with the rest of it?  That is how I feel about a block of glittered and glitzy animal print paper.   However, the peacock feather print made the ideal background for the card.  I wish I hadn't used the white as a background - it is too stark, a cream would have worked better.
I am learning patience piecing these sort of images together - lots of small pieces and layers.  However, when it go to the TINY, tiny little pieces that were to go in the center of the peacock feathers in the image, I just though no way - I think I will need to get a Xyron machine, because I just knew I was going to have issues gluing the little instead, I used some of my glitter glue.  It added a little bling to the card, it served the purpose, it looks really good, and it saved my sanity.  Good result all around.

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