Monday, October 24, 2011

Right now, Bert and Ernie are NOT my friends

I will tell you that all those stripes were glued individually. I have had glasses in the past, but they have been for the fact that I have compromised 3D vision, nothing to do with the actual focus of things. Lately I find that I need things to just look at little bigger. I now go to the same optomitrist as my father in law - the Dollar Store. I have bought 3 pairs of the lowest grade magnifying glasses (and FYI, no one buys their glasses at the Dollar Store for their cutting edge fashion). Boy did those come in handy. This card is for my niece's birthday. Frustrating as all get out though... when I went to glue down one of Bert's eyes, the puff of air from the glue bottle sent it flying, so I was crawling on the floor looking for the tiniest little white circle (on the white-ish carpet). Oh well, she liked it, and that's what counts.

Hallowe'en Treats

Remove Formatting from selectionI spoil my neice and nephew, I admit it. And I enjoy it. Deal with it. So how could I let Hallowe'en pass without a small token? Now, while wanting to be one of the most awesome aunts on the face of the earth (not wanting to take away from their other 3 aunts, or my own...) I did have to make it so my sister didn't curse my very existance by getting her kids (3 and 18 mo) completely hopped up on sugar. So in addition to a few candy treats, I put a package of Ritz crackers, a juice box, a tangerine, new crayons, a crazy straw, stickers and glow in the dark necklaces. The letters and images are from the "A Child's Year" cartridge. The best compliment came though when my other sister asked where I found bags with their names on them.

Classic car

I made this card for my husband's uncle. I thought a classic car just fit. The ribbon was an absolute find....I stumbled upon a new scrapbooking store, and went there on a whim (a dangerous path....) and happened to walk into their semi annual garage sale, where people (I think mainly the instructors there) sell off their excess supplies. I picked up this ribbon (brown with teal and cream paisley pattern) and what was easily $200 dollars worth of used rubber stamps for $40. And a few Copic markers (not part of the sale, full price....I swear a drug habit would be cheaper), signed up for a Copic marker class....Maybe I could sell the house and live in my car in their parking lot (just kidding honey). The image is from the Heritage cartridge.

A latte birthday wishes

I made this card for my brother in law's birthday, a coffee, uh, connoisseur. The coffee mug is from Gypsy Wanderings. The letters are from Lyrical Letters, and I wrote "birthday wishes" on the inside.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Challenge #8

This challenge was for a fancy fold card - I made this Thanksgiving card. The top picture is looking down from the top, then one with the card opened, and then closed. This really was quite easy, once I got my head around which way things were supposed to fold. It's a keeper.

WCMD Challenge # 5

Okay - I've gotten my challenge number mixed up. This challenge was to do glitter and glitz. So this is a glitzy Tinkerbell. This was the first time that I've used this cartridge. I don't know if I have the patience for the teeny tiny pieces!

WCMD Challenge #7

This challenge was to make a friendship card. The image is from Nifty Fifties.

WCMD Challnge #6

For this challenge, we had to follow a sketch that included a birdcage. I don't have a birdcage image or on my card. this is a tag that looked birdcagey enough for me....

WCMD Challenge #4

This challenge was to build a card around a stamped image. This is an elaborate paisley stamp that I have not had a chance to use yet. I embossed it in silver, and I think it matches the purple and black patterned paper behind.

WCMD Challenge #3

This challenge was to use Pink, White and Black. I think I will use this as an engagement congratulations card. The dark pink and white patterned paper is the card, the black background behind that is just my computer. The wine bottle and glass are from Summer in Paris.

WCMD Challenge #2

This was a birthday challenge. Glade enough - I've got lots of birthday cards that I need to get made. This was my first attempt with the Robotz cart - that cart has pieces that it cuts that you don't even use!! Honestly, I have several little tiny pieces that even with a magnifying glass I could not figure out where they were supposed to go! The gears down the side are from Paperlace 2.

World Card Making Day Challenge #1

Okay - this first challenge caught me off guard - I am not yet prepared to do Christmas challenges! So while this is a very simple card, it was actually the one that vexed me the most. The Angel is from "inspired heart" and I just wrote Merry Christmas at the bottom. It doesn't show well in the picture, but the background paper is deep blue. And of course, I went around the angel with my beloved glitter glue.

By the way, the challenges were put out by Kassidy at

Happy 40th

My husband's cousin turned 4o in August, but was not around for his birthday. Wanting to do something exciting for the event, he went to Africa for a month - 3 weeks with a volunteer organization, and one week touring on his own. So this card was mean to slighty obscure the 40 in the middle, with the African animals around it. On the inside I wrote that even in deepest, darkest Africa 40 will find you.

Anniversary card

I do like how this turned out. The background paper is embossed with the cuttlebug folder that looks like writing, then I put ink on a cotten ball and lightly went over the raised areas (this took 3 tries before I got it right), but I finally got it.

The Rosh Hashanah collection 2011

I'm glad that holidays don't come too often...though I think i might be done trying to give everyone a different was getting to be a bit much. There are a lot of cards that need to be made right now...But I do enjoy it.