Monday, October 24, 2011

Right now, Bert and Ernie are NOT my friends

I will tell you that all those stripes were glued individually. I have had glasses in the past, but they have been for the fact that I have compromised 3D vision, nothing to do with the actual focus of things. Lately I find that I need things to just look at little bigger. I now go to the same optomitrist as my father in law - the Dollar Store. I have bought 3 pairs of the lowest grade magnifying glasses (and FYI, no one buys their glasses at the Dollar Store for their cutting edge fashion). Boy did those come in handy. This card is for my niece's birthday. Frustrating as all get out though... when I went to glue down one of Bert's eyes, the puff of air from the glue bottle sent it flying, so I was crawling on the floor looking for the tiniest little white circle (on the white-ish carpet). Oh well, she liked it, and that's what counts.

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  1. wow such a cute card. I also wanted to say that I'm your newest follower. your creations are so pretty. hope you visit my blog.