Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Flowery Thank You

Just a simple Thank You card.  The message is from Paperlace 2 (I think, or maybe the original Paperlace).  I was happy to finally have a use for the flowered ribbon.  I bought it some time ago, a fab find from a discount bin, but just hadn't found the right niche for it.

Happpyyyy Birthhhdayyyy tooo yoooouuuuu!

The title is supposed to represent singing, not an inexplicable typing snafu.  This is the birthday card that I made for my musically inclined sister.  I couldn't find a ribbon that suited what I wanted, so used a decorative punch on plain card stock and made my own.  The image is from the Cricut Paperlace 2 cartridge.

Ta dah! Todah!

This year Andy and I started taking Hebrew lessons at the local synagogue.  I've learned the alphabet fairly well, but don't have much vocabulary.  That's how I am with languages.  When I was living in Korea, I could read everything, I just had no idea what I was reading.  I made this Thank you card for our rabbi (Todah is thank you), and begged his pardon if there were any spelling errors.

The No Gutters

This year at work they have started doing quarterly team building/ice breaker events. For this event, we were put on teams and the event was Wii Bowling.  I made these pins for our team (The No Gutters) with the Nifty Fifties cartridge. 
Random bonus shot, I obviously took this shot with my grocery list as the backdrop.  I have no idea what I was planning to make, but obviously I needed savoy cabbage, cilantro and parsley.

Danny's Birthday

 Do you ever have a paper that you have for a while, think that you will never find a use for it, and then you stumble on the way it works... I have used this same paper and color combo for a few other cards since.  I realized that the circles were just right to do the message as a "button".  I used a very similar layout for my dad's father's day card, and cut a circle out from a end scrap and adhered with a pop dot, to give it a 3D effect.

Valentine's Day

This is where I hit a bit of a slump, and was stuck for ideas.  I had this stamp set, so got V-day inspired paper, used the stamps, and used my watercolour pencils to colour them in.

Christmas Gift

As soon as I saw the "Destinations" cartridge from Cricut, this gift came to mind.  My sister and her new husband went on a Mediterannean cruise their honeymoon.  Thanks to Facebook, I was able to get some of their pictures, I mounted them, and then posted "passport stamps" over them.  I was quite happy with the way it turned out.

Meh, cards

These are the disappointing Christmas cards...everything that could have gone wrong, did.  Why can't the craft store carry the paper that I have pictured in my head?  It would have made things so much easier.  So strike one, couldn't find the paper that spoke to me.  Strike 2, the image I wanted (a Christamas tree on Cricut, very loopy) just wouldn't cut right.  So last minute substitute was the Christmas ornament.  Strike 3, I just couldn't fine and inspiring way to put the thing together.   The cards got done, they went out, and it's the thought that counts, right?

Channukah 2011

Okay, a little catching up to do....it has been about 9 months since I updated this blog.  I hit a bit of a rough spot, and making cards became a more of a chore than a hobby.  I think it was because I was disappointed in the Christmas cards I made (see next post). 

I made these cards for my husband's family.  The stamp set is from Papertrey Ink (Mazel Tov is the name...).  The colours are my first foray into coptic markers.  A little glitter glue for highlights - I admit, I am a complete glitter glue addict.  Also, these are some dreidle cookies I made (marshmallows with a pretzel in one end, a Hershey kiss on the end, and dipped in chocolate.  I did the lettering in melted white chocolate...manipulating melted chocolate in a ziplock baggie was harder than I thought!