Sunday, June 12, 2011

Would you guess this is a napkin?

I got (stole) this idea from Terri at . It really is hard to believe that this is a napkin!
You take a napkin, remove any additional layers of paper so you only have the one sheet, the one with image on it. Take a piece of Saran wrap (plastic wrap, cling wrap, whatever you might call it...) and cut it just a little bigger than the image. Place the wrap under the napkin, and place both between 2 pieces of cardstock. Put a towel over the cardstock, and iron - the heat will make the wrap both shrink and become and adhesive, glueing the napkin to the bottom cardstock. Terri has a video with the steps on her blog.
That's it! You can't tell, but I went around the flowers, over the leaves, and around the chickadee in glitter glue. I didn't know when I would use the black glitter glue when I bought glad that I did! I used Opal around the flowers, green for the leaves, black around the bird, and on his eye, beak and legs)
I made his as a birthday card from my grandmother. One of her pasttimes is watching th birds that come to the feeder outside her window. She has been on bed rest a lot lately, and I (my whole family too) have been thankful that she has that window, and that simple joy is accessible.

So thanks to Terri...only thing is that that there were 10 napkins, and 4 images of chickadees on each....that's a lot of chickadee cards :)

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  1. You did a wonderful job. I loved your card. If you want to do a napkin swap let me know. I have a ton of napkins.