Friday, February 4, 2011

Cabin fever

My husband travels A LOT for work. He left yesterday, comes home tomorrow (at about 10 pm), but leaves again on Sunday, gone for a week, back just to repack a suitcase, leaves again...Between middle of September and middle of December he was gone for about 10 weeks. I'm currently unemployed, and with no kids, there are what seems like days on end that my only social interaction is with the cats.
Especially with the bad weather, it has not been too condusive to go out. Hence the inspiration for today's offering.

I tried to weld the letters using the Gypsy, but I guess I didn't do it right. I did not want to glue the individual letters, so I decided to use the negative image instead. I'm trying to play with colours (using colours I wouldn't normally put together) and with layers.

Question: What do you use for glue? I'm using white glue, and am having problems with it leaking, and curling the paper. I do have some craft two sided tape, but it wouldnt' work on smaller, more delicate images. Suggestions?

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