Thursday, February 3, 2011

Figuring out my Gypsy

I gotta love my husband. There was one cartridge I really wanted, for a very specific project (secret for now...). The man drove all over God's green earth seeking it out for me. He finally found someone selling it on Kajiji. God bless Trish! Not only did she have the cartridge (A Child's Year...apparently non-existant in Canada!) but she was also selling a Gypsy, and as my husband loves to buy me presents (I'm not complaining) so he picked that up as well. Trish was gracious enough to walk us through setting the Gypsy up, and getting it registered, which was a bit of ordeal. So tonight I finally sat down and walked myself through the Gypsy. It wasn't as complicated as I thought it would be. I thought I would get frustrated with how small the screen was, but I didn't realize that it had a zoom feature- that sure helped. It will still take some getting used to, I think - the layers were annoying, but that was because I kept forgetting I needed to switch back and forth. That is what we used to call and "I D ten T" error when I used to work for a software company (ID10T, aka end user error), not the product. So my humble offering for today is just a simple blank card.

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